We can work on Distinguish Between the Spanish(gold, conquer), English(colonize), and the French

Identify, analyze, and distinguish Between the Spanish(gold, conquer), English(colonize), and the French

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industry. It is an app where people can upload their own pictures and choose to follow friends, trends, influencers and even brands. This app has been researched by many people in terms of how it is used for marketing and the effects it has on body image. The impact it has had has been massive as “Recent figures show that Instagram alone has a significant share of posts that belong to the fashion category.” (Khamhampati, 2014), the rise of society’s interest in other people’s lives has helped brands because they operate by dispersing the work of creating and engaging with images into consumers everyday lives. The up rise of the fashion blogger and social influencer as a job and career has had a major impact on fashion and the industry in general. The influencers have brought a new aspect to social media where people want to see what people are doing, what they are wearing and what make-up they should be using right now. Social media is now very popular. Fashion blogs have become a huge influence on today’s youth and the fashion industry. In more recent years YouTube has grown and ‘vlogging’ has become more popular. “The increasing pervasiveness of social media and digital technology has had a dramatic impact on the fashion industry and labour within fashion.” (Arriagada, 2016.) One impact that social media has had on the fashion industry is that social influencers haven been able to promote brands and make them more popular by appealing to their audience, allowing trends, brands and even activities to be promoted over a wider audience. Blogs are the new editors and Instagram is seen as the new runways where people will go to find fashion inspiration on a daily basis. Wessingers (2007) found that “before Instagram had dedicated advertising tools they worked with influencers and consumers to circulate images of their bodies, lives and cultural practices.” therefore before blogging and vlogging became a job these images and posts where part of the digital labour that occurs on social media as these influencers would not have been getting paid but would have still been promoting brands and their products. This highlights how blogging and social media have changed in recent years.>

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