We can work on Discuss why it is important to complete a PAR Q readiness assessment prior to starting an exercise program.

The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR Q) is a screening  tool to determine if a person should check with his or her doctor prior  to completing an exercise program. To begin, take the PAR Q assessment  in the textbook on page 33. If you are not cleared to take the  assessment, recruit another willing adult to take the PAR Q assessment  for you. If cleared by the PARQ, have this adult take the physical  fitness assessment for you. Use these results to complete the  assignment.

If you are cleared to complete an exercise activity, you are going to assess your cardiovascular endurance by completing the Measuring Cardiorespiratory Fitness  Laboratory Assessment 3.1A: The 1.5 Mile Run Test or Laboratory  Assessment 3.1B: The 1 Mile Walk Test located on pages 76-77 of your  course textbook. Look at the results charts in your textbook and  determine your fitness level. Continue with your journal by addressing  the following bulleted items:


Discuss why it is important to complete a PAR Q readiness assessment prior to starting an exercise program.
Explain the importance of assessing your beginning fitness level.
Expound on your results. Provide details such as duration and  beginning and ending heart rate. If you are unsure of how to take your  heart rate, refer to Figure 3.2 on page 56 in the course text.
Analyze how your results compare to other individuals within your age range based on the chart in the textbook.
Explain whether you were happy with these results. Why or why not?
Whether you were happy with your results or not, identify two ways you could improve your results.
Explain how the lifestyle factor of physical fitness affects overall health and wellness.
Discuss how these results relate back to your physical wellness results from Week 1.
Express which other dimensions of wellness are affected by physical wellness and how.


For the journal assignment, write out each question and then answer  it. Your journal should be a minimum of one page in length (not  including the title page or reference page). As a minimum, include the  course textbook as a reference in your response to this lab activity.  Include an APA formatted title page and reference page. See the Introduction to APA (Links to an external site.) web page for 

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