We can work on Deliverable 6 – 5-Year Forecast Plan For Emerging Trends And Technology


Critique the implications of using technology and emerging trends in business


You are the administrator for a small healthcare company. Your company is preparing the five-year technology forecast as a part of the company-wide plan. Your company knows that technology changes quickly and making sure patients have the latest innovations is important. Your company wants to explore some of the new trends in technology but is concerned about the legal and ethical implications.

The director of the healthcare company has asked that you create a 5-year forecast plan sharing with the leadership some new technologies in healthcare. The director is concerned with the legal and ethical implications of using emerging technology in patient care. Be sure to support your recommendations with credible resources. Using the assigned readings in this module is a good starting point. Research databases are listed in the Resources area below.


As the administrator, you will research then develop a 5-year forecast for the director that explores two emerging technologies in the healthcare arena. You will need to address the ethical and legal implications. The director may not be familiar with these technologies so be thorough in the description of the technologies.

In Microsoft Word, create the 5-year forecast plan. The 5-year forecast plan should be 3 – 4 pages in length and should accomplish these objectives:

Evaluate two new technologies in healthcare that reflect future trends; be sure to include visual aids such as graphs or charts.Examine legal implications of implementing these emerging technologies in the healthcare field.Describe any ethical concerns about using emerging technologies in the healthcare field.Include an estimation of costs associated with the new technologies.In an APA formatted reference section, cite supporting credible sources for your recommendation.

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