We can work on “Database Development Life Cycle (DDLC)” management

Conduct research for the “Database Development Life Cycle (DDLC)” management using Agile SCRUM project management techniques

Define Requirements for the database
Define end-users view for database
Define Outputs and Transactions Reports for database
Define Security Requirements for the database

Sample Solution

The link between socio-economic development and rising insurgency in Africa in general and Nigeria, in particular, has been well discussed. This research paper argues that ill-advised socio-economic policies may be a catalyst for domestic terrorism. Social policies related to inequality, poverty likely affect terrorism in many ways. This work envelopes point of view and suggestions which aids the giving of answer to questions connected with the subject of discourse. It also discusses that social welfare policies—social security, unemployment, health, education and economic development system affecting GDP, Per capita income has the potentials to initiate insurgency. This study sustained the opinions that the origin of terrorism can be linked to poverty, marginalization, and clashes of political and social interests, authoritarian rule, or state failure. Supporting this argument, in the country today, the cross-sectional estimation reveals that the nation’s weak socio-economic policies correlate with the number of insurgencies. The findings of this study recommend that reinforcing social policies in the country may serve as restructuring or development objectives as well as battling of insurgency. A number of the recommendations incorporate; permitting amendments in current laws keeping in mind the end goal of inducing development and upgrading the way of life for individuals, making educational training necessary at all levels – from primary school level up to college level, providing productive job opportunity at all levels (in all geopolitical zones of the country) and the genuine inclusion of unemployed hands and youths.>

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