We can work on Dance research

This assignment replaces the group research presentation we were going to have in class.  In your Unit 3 Study Guide, you have a listing of prominent artists in the history of dance (their names are bolded).

For your research paper, please choose one of these artists and write a paper which includes the following, in this order, to organize your paper:

1) Personal/professional background–what are the important factors in their background that contributed to their development as artists

2) Talk about their contribution to their genre (ballet, hip hop, modern, postmodern, contemporary) in the period of time that they create/created.

3) Discuss a minimum of 3 notable works, describing them in detail (themes, choreographic approaches, scenographic elements, etc).  Include links to these works in your bibliography.

4) In your conclusion, discuss their contribution to dance history.  How did/does their work push the art form forward?

Your paper should be 4 complete pages of text, double spaced, 12pt font, 1″margins covering the areas I requested.  Please include a separate title page with your name, course, title of your paper, etc.  Please also include a separate bibliography, in MLA style, with your sources and also the links to the works of choreography you discuss in the paper.

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