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Crime victims: an introduction to victimology (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. WILL EXTEND TIME LIMIT ADDITIONAL 5 HOURS IF NEEDED.

1.)Using the internet, determine if your state has a criminal injuries compensation fund. If they do not, use a surrounding state. In no less than 500 words give an overview of the program – include funding sources, eligibility requirements, qualifying crimes, qualifying expenses and any other pertinent information.

2.) No less than 300 words. Even though many possible sources of reimbursement exist – court ordered restitution, private insurance coverage, state compensation funds – why do so many victims still fail to receive any repayment of their losses and expenses?

3.) No less than 150 words. Why is there so much controversy regarding laws that compel criminals to repay their victims from any profits they gain from their notoriety? (Examples – Interviews, book deals, movies, documentaries, etc.).

Do you agree with those laws? Please explain.

Sample Solution

The travel industry Development in Seoul, South Korea SEOUL SOUTH KOREA Figure 1 Seoul city see Substance Official Summary Presentation Objective Goal: Seoul Technique Goal Profile Dongdaemun Insadong Gangnam Namsan Gathered Visitor Profile End References List Official Summary Seoul is the city and the capital of South Korea. It is one of the most dynamic and current urban communities in Asia. Seoul can be visit in any season however is ideal to visit in spring and harvest time. There is great and reasonable open vehicle for sightseers to travel effectively. Seoul is reasonable for visitors like grown-up couples and companions gatherings to make a trip to Seoul on the grounds that Dongdamun market and Insadong have the best shopping spots. N Seoul Tower in Namsan has a mind blowing scene night view, and Gangnam to encounter the insane night life and the shooting of the most prevalent music video “Gangnam Style”. Presentation Objective Goal is a basic job in traveler choices, it can impact voyagers to visit by its notoriety and envision from various scope of media, for example, TV, on the web, video, paper and the sky is the limit from there. The motivation behind this report is to give data about the visitor goal picture of Seoul. This report will incorporate a short presentation of Seoul, four feature goals and two construed target traveler bases on the goal. Goal: Seoul Seoul is the city and capital of South Korea, situated in the northwest of Korean Han River. Seoul have an aggregate of 25 areas, and a surface region of 605 km2. The city is encompassed by 8 mountains, with Namsan Mountain and N Seoul Tower in the center, and is part by the Han River that goes through the city and streams to the shore of Yellow Sea. (Korean Orbit, n.d), Seoul has between damp mainland and a subtropical transitional atmosphere with four unmistakable season. The temperature contrast of the mid year and winter are outrageous. Summer (June to August) are typically sweltering and moist with the temperature between 22 to 29° C. In winter (December to February) the temperature can be as low as – 6°C. Anyway the spring and pre-winter is the best season for visitors to visit in Seoul as the downpour is less and atmosphere turned out to be warm. (World Travel, 2017) Figure 2 Map of Seoul Seoul is the world’s tenth biggest city, and it is one of the major money related urban areas in Asia, and the focal point of the political, monetary, innovative, and instructive and culture of the South Korea. As per Seoul Metropolitan Government’s measurement (2014), the complete populace in Seoul has come to more than ten million out of 2017, about portion of the South Korea populace live in Seoul. In ten million, about 2.7 million are outside occupants generally from China, Taiwan and United States. Besides, Incheon or Ginpo global air terminal are the two significant air terminals that near Seoul. In this way, there are air terminal express train, all stop train, air terminal transport or taxi administration accessible for voyagers to venture out from air terminal to Seoul. (Envision your Korea, 2017b) In Seoul, there are numerous great nearby transports, trams prepares and taxicabs make getting around the urban areas and towns substantially more effectively and cheap. The vast majority of the trains and transports show up and leave on schedule. The vast majority of the signs and data are both in English and Korean dialects. Voyagers must have a T-card to go around Seoul by open vehicle and it very well may be acquired or beat up in each tram station. Visitors can likewise lease a vehicle from neighborhood vehicle administration in Seoul. (Excursion Advisor, 2017) Technique A scope of various wellsprings of material were inspected for this exploration report to make a goal profile of Seoul. Sites incorporate Visit Seoul and touring web journals and online paper articles from Daily Mail. Music recordings set in Seoul were seen on YouTube to consider. The Seoul variant of Lonely Planet and DK travel books from library. The majority of the pictures use in this report was assemble from on the web. Every one of the assets utilized for this composed report are recorded in the references list. Goal Profile Dongdaemun Dongdaemun for the most part signify “Extraordinary East Gate” is one of the significant business locale that incorporate conventional markets and strip malls that covers the all the territory around the area. Dongdaemun Market is presently turned into Korean’s biggest retail and discount shopping region incorporate 26 shopping centers, with 30,000 shops and 50,000 producers Figure 3 Dongdaemun locale around evening time Visitor can discover numerous assortments of products in here, for example, garments, shoes, hardware, outdoor supplies and more with a sensible cost and great area. It is a shopping locale for customer and sightseers at day time, it likewise a night advertise during night where road nourishment stands and road slows down accessible along the road in Dongdaemun. The climate during the night is loaded up with music and execution from youthful capable Koreans in the city. (Visit Seoul. Net, 2016a) Cheonggyecheon stream is simply found south of the Gwanghwamun station. The man-made waterway is about 13.7 km long (about 5.8km long in Seoul territory) underneath the road level in Dongdaemun. It builded as a sewer during the Joseon tradition to evacuate the waste water that can’t be surge to Han River on urban region during the stormy season. Anyway in 2005, government choose to change it to a cutting edge pubic steam with 22 extensions and nine wellsprings to pull in global voyagers. Today, it has turned into a well known excellent site in a bustling city for individuals to engage and recreation in Seoul. Individuals appreciate a moderate stroll subsequent to having a feast or excursion with their family or companion and it likewise a pleasant dating place for couples. (Envision Your Korea, 2017a) Figure 4 Cheongyecheon stream around evening time Insadong Insadong a well known region as it is the most fascinating spot with regards to Seoul to shop, eat and experience the way of life of Korea. These paths load up with workmanship exhibitions, eateries, teahouses, knickknack shops, create shops and customary hanok building. Insadong is well known for exhibitions on the grounds that there are around 100 displays from a scope of Korean customary painting and models to society’s specialty. The absolute best teahouses and cafés are situated in winding back streets. Figure 5 Insadong in day time Individuals like to shop in numerous little and beautiful stores and evaluate the road nourishments like hotteok (sweet bite loaded up with nuts, darker sugar and cinnamon), J-molded corn with frozen yogurt or green onion flapjack while appreciate the way of life move and music execution in the city. A portion of the conventional specialties and products like hanji (customary paper), hanbok (conventional dress), conventional teas and pots and society artworks can be buy in Insadong. (The Seoul Guide, 2014) Gangnam Gangnam actually signifies “South of the waterway” is find south of the Hang River. It is presently the most extravagant and quickest create city with in vogue planner design stores, famous bistro and cafés and dance club or bar which draw in the majority of the youngsters to Gangnam. It is additionally a stimulation locale and business center points with significant business central station, for example, Samsung D’Light, and the COEX complex with conference hall and an enormous shopping center. (Desolate Plant Seoul, 2015) Today, Gangnam get mainstream in light of the Korean rapper, PSY’s music video-Gangnam style. It help the travel industry figures to visit South Korean and raise the Korean’s goal envision. In 2012, it increment 13.4 percent of guests from 2011. It likewise has pulled in increasingly Western fans and made them intrigued by Korea after they watch the video. (Tweedy, 2013) Figure 6 Gangnam’s road see Korean Tourism Organization had compose a Gangnam visit for PSY’s fans who need to visit puts in that speak to Gangnam, for example, top salon and spas in Cheongdom, and head to Hangang Park for the duck pontoon ride, go out on the town to shop for genuine Gangnam style, strike at Coex and 7Luck Casino, and visit Gangnam’s excellent night scene night club. Finally, the excursion can’t be end without become familiar with some Gangnam style mark move moves that are offered by move foundation. (Visit Korea.net, n.d.) Namsan Namsan Mountain is spot on the center of the city of Seoul. The N Seoul Tower (479.7m) is situated on the top in the Mt. Namsan, which has an excellent perspective all in all scene of Seoul. Guests can ride a link vehicle to appreciate the scene perspective on city at the highest point of the pinnacle and stroll down along all around stamped trail by stairs. It is best spot for climbing, excursion and perspectives on downtown of Seoul. Namsan Park is the biggest park situated in Seoul with various assortment types of plants, trees and creatures. In April, Namsan Park holds a Cherry Blossom celebration as it has the longest road of cherry trees and forcing view during the full sprouts in Seoul. (Top 10 Seoul, 2015) Figure 7 N Seoul Tower Induced Visitor Profile During the ongoing years, Seoul has pull in travelers from worldwide by the accomplishment of Korean culture. As per vacation spots site in Seoul, the induced guest target group of spectators are: Grown-up couples Seoul is a sentimental and dynamic city appropriate for couples around 28-35 of age, who are office laborers with a steady salary. It is a decent spot for couples who are voyaging together for their extravagance special night or love trips as there are a few sentimental places and energizing exercises for dating in the city. They can appreciate strolling and unwinding at the Cheongyecheon Stream in the bustling city in the wake of shopping at Dongdaemun Market. There are numerous bright light and wellsprings along the Cheonggyecheon stream which can include an additional component of sentiment during their night walk. N Seoul tower has turned out to be popular for the darling, as they can appreciate the fantastic perspective on the city and furthermore the buy love lock which symbolize their endless love. They can record love messages on it, join on the metal fence. The night life in Seoul is dynamic, they can go through their night at>

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