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For this assignment, you have the choice to write either a paper OR create a PowerPoint Presentation.

The focus of this project will be on the Exclusionary Rule which is discussed in your Chapter 4 of your textbook.

Your paper or PowerPoint will need to contain these five (5) topics:

Define the Exclusionary Rule
Identify the purpose of the Exclusionary Rule
Explain the role of the judiciary in forming the Exclusionary Rule – in other words, it is a judge-made rule to protect our 4th Amendment rights (list which one of the rights in this Amendment)
Explain briefly how the Exclusionary Rule developed in the Federal and State Courts (the historical development of the Rule) and especially mention the very important case of Mapp v. Ohio.
List the two kinds of evidence that the Exclusionary Rule excludes (hint: look at pages 97-98 in your textbook and tell me specifically what is primary evidence and secondary evidence that is excluded by the Exclusionary Rule)

If you are writing a paper – you will need at the bare minimum seven (7) paragraphs:

Introduction paragraph
Definition of Exclusionary Rule
Purpose of Exclusionary Rule
Role of judiciary in forming Exclusionary Rule
Historical development with mention of Mapp v. Ohio
Exclusion of two kinds of evidence
Conclusion paragraph

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