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Every ancient civilization has its own creation story, and these stories are created, retold, and maintained by humans as a means of understanding the world and their place in it. Each story is different, suggesting a different beginning and emergence of human life, yet most share similar themes, plots, and characters.

In this essay, you will select three creation stories from Unit 1. Your essay should compare and contrast the stories, analyzing the details (symbols, metaphors, etc) and suggesting significance for the similarities and differences. Your essay should avoid making broad generalizations, and you should refer to specific details and passages from the story to support your claims.

Your goals include demonstrating a strong understanding of the stories and critical thinking about the peoples and cultures who made and told/tell these stories.  Creation stories are told in attempt to understand something once completely unanswerable. Why were these stories told? What symbols, metaphors, and themes help readers and listeners understand the people who told the story and how those people understand their place in the world. In addition, you should connect the ideas from the stories to the modern world (the 21st century).

Unit 1 Creation Story:1)Ute, 2) Nimiipuu creation stories, 3)The Creation Story of the Hopi, 4) The Creation Story of the Maya, 5) Hebrew Bible: Genesis in Compact Anthology of World Literature (pg 4-9), 6) “The Descent of Inanna,” and 7) The Met’s “Mesopotamian Creation Myths.”


Engagement with at least three creation stories from Unit 1

Brief summaries of the three stories you selectClear analysis of the storiesClear comparisons among storiesA discussion of the significance of each storyClassify the stories (Earth diver, emergence, divine creation, etc)Use language appropriate for literature (characters, plot, symbols, audience, etc)Find, evaluate, and use at least one reputable source to support your analysis. 3-4 pages of writing + a reference pageDouble spaced12 pt font1” margins

MLA or APA citations (in text and on the reference page)

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