We can work on Crawford Revolution and Regenecy

What do they say about other historians’ arguments? Who do they agree/disagree with, and why? [This is
where historians position themselves with regard to the historiography or the secondary literature and say how
their argument contributes to existing debates or raises new questions or approaches].
What evidence/sources is the author drawing upon? What kind of material is this? Imagery, textual, artefacts?
What do you find convincing about the article and why? What do you find unconvincing about the article and
why?This is the most important section. This is where you show your critical reading and critical analysis of the
article. Does the author manage to persuade you of their argument? Do the ways in which they use the
evidence to substantiate (back up) their argument work well or not? Telle me what you think, but make sure
you back this up with evidence from the article.

Sample Solution

duration in blood stream is deeply prolonged. This is especially needed for tumors which are characterized by extensive angiogenesis, defective vascular architecture, impaired lymphatic drainage and increased production of permeability factors. This phenomenon is known as the enhanced permeability and retention effect [13, 57, 61]; (6) increased active agent surface area results in a faster dissolution of the active agent in an aqueous environment, such as the human body. Faster dissolution generally equates with greater bioavailability, smaller drug doses, less toxicity[62]. (7) Can be used for different routes of administration, including oral, nasal, intra-ocular and surface characteristics can be simply manipulated to achieve both passive and active drug targeting after parenteral administration and (8) reduction in fed/fasted variability (9) due to the impressive bioavailability, better encapsulation, control release and less toxic properties, various nanoparticle systems with biodegradable polymers such as PLGA, PLA, chitosan and gelatin are utilized for delivery of drugs of various types of diseases with better efficacy [63]. (10) In recent years oral bioavailability of many of poorly water soluble drugs can be modified by incorporating drugs into pH sensitive nanoparticles . (11) Nanoparticles are now used to study the expression of therapeutic genes, is a useful tool for gene therapy. Pharmaceutical nanocarriers, that are designated as NPDDS, can be classified in different ways, which are according to the raw materials, physicochemical characteristics (size, charge, number of lamellae, permeability), preparation methods, in vivo behavior. In a classification according to the materials used in their preparation, NPDDS can be of lipidic nature as liposomes, micelles, Transferso>

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