We can work on Context Culture and Intelligence

Option 1:

5-7 page paper (excluding title page and references) which will be a historical review of any success or failure (pick one, defend your choice, and stick to your guns) in U.S. policy that resulted from our understanding (or lack thereof) of ourselves and our adversaries.

What went right/wrong? Describe the relevant features of your case study regarding the materials discussed in class so far.

Option 2:

Read the DoD IG report on allegations relating to USCENTCOM intelligence products, 2017 (https://media.defense.gov/2017/Feb/01/2001714315/-1/-1/1/DODIG-2017-049.pdf).

Your boss, who is a senior U.S. government official with NO intelligence background, was directed by her boss to read the report and implement lessons learned in your organization.

Write a 5 full to 7 page information paper that addresses the following:

Brief summary of the actions that led up to the report. What allegations were made?
Provide context for the allegations. Discuss organizational structure and intelligence consumer requirements/expectations.

Did the report uncover any “taboos” or unwritten organizational norms that had a detrimental effect?

Take a position, were the allegations founded? Defend your argument.

What lessons can your organization take away from the report?

Remember, your boss has zero intelligence experience. When explaining terms and concepts, cite relevant sources to add to the credibility of your report.

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