We can work on Comparing cultural racism versus biological racism

In your own words, discuss how cultural racism versus biological racism are similar and different

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“Marxism continues to pose key questions about the origins, character and lines of development of economic and social systems of the modern world” (Andrew Gamble, 1999, p.4). His analysis raises the important issues it has towards planning. You could say capitalism has a relationship with land-use and it requires planning in terms of the services and infrastructure. Furthermore, Richard Foglesong (1986) recognises various view on how land-use planning can be explained through a Marxist interpretation and it is all based upon voluminous compositions concerning the role of the ‘state’ under capitalism. The ‘state’ is a crucial focus of Marxism because it is a key nodal point in the system of power relations that describe contemporary capitalist societies (Hay, 1996).Planning is always the site of class conflict so far as planners must make decisions on how to allocate the surpluses that are produced among many different classes. Postmodernism To know what postmodernism is ,we need to understand what modernism theory is. Over the last twenty years “there has been a sea change in western thought and culture from ‘modernism’ to ‘postmodernism’ “ (Taylor, 1998, p.162). Modernism is linked to an era of enlightenment developed in the eighteenth century where human race noticed the significance of mankind and prompted the ascent of Humanism which managed with not just the undeniable significance of human race but also the critical and rational thinking. Modernity tries to see things in totality. There’s postmodernism as an epoch and postmodernism in the philosophical movement. Postmodernism signals the end of modernist period of art and culture with the beginning of new era. Postmodernism, itself is a skepticism or doubt towards theory or totality, as opposed to the belief in modernity. There are various definition of postmodernism and it can be elusive however a definition that is well known is Lyotards’s (1984) phase ‘an incredulity towards meta-narratives’. In other words, postmodernism is the tendency of people in advanced industrial societies to turn away from the ‘gran>

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