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Arkansas Community Needs and Health Screening Initiative

Conceptual Model

Health Belief Model will be applied to this event. Obesity is one of the rapidly growing health challenges in the contemporary United States. The state of Arkansas has over 60 percent of its population as either obese or overweight. Obesity comes with other health complications such as hypertension and diabetes (“Arkansas State Obesity Data, Rates and Trends -The State of Obesity”, 2018). The screening of obesity will be best supported by a health belief model; the targeted person ought to appreciate the value of the activity to their health for them to be supportive. The approach enhances responsible lifestyles for a healthy life. Therefore, a large-scale awareness campaign shall be launched in the community to promote physical fitness activities. The event will also include the need to change nutritional behavior as part of avowing obesity. Also, road shows, television, and newspaper inserts will be explored to reach out to a large audience.


The targeted population for screening is persons aged 30 and above in the Arkansas County, Arkansas. The choice of age is informed by the high prevalence of obese case among the adults, mainly due to their lifestyles. In this area, obese rates are 41.5% of Blacks, 30.1%of Latinos, and 29.8% of the Whites are obese respectively. Members from the three racial groups will be screened to check if they are obese or are at the risk of developing it (“Arkansas State Obesity Data, Rates and Trends -The State of Obesity”, 2018). As of December 2016, 35.7 percent of the adult population in Arkansas was obese, a clear indication of how the region is affected.

Screening Purpose

Screening for obesity in adults is important in preventing it, treating, and avoiding other related health issues such as high blood pressure, sugar diabetes, and heart attack. The population of the adults who are obese has rapidly grown in the last one decade, rendering the affected persons vulnerable to many diseases that can be prevented (Glickman, 2012). The screened adults who will be found to have body mass index (BMI) of 30 kg/m2 or higher will be referred for an intensive and multi-component behavioral treatment. Therefore, screening helps in identifying individuals who need a thorough assessment to establish if they have also developed other health complexions that need medication.

Obesity Screening

The screening will start with registration of the participants, measuring of their boy height and weight, followed by calculating of their body mass index. The results will be recorded to establish the obese and overweight cases. In this respect, those with BMI 25.0 to <30 will fall under the overweight category and BMI 30.0 and above in the obese range. The event will also include counselling of the participant on healthy lifestyles, need for regular physical exercise, and proper nutrition to treat or avoid being obese.

Outcome Goals

The goals of the screening are:

To establish the obese cases Arkansas County for possible treatment.
To identify the highly vulnerable case to obesity for possible preventive treatment.
To identify persons who are healthy and out of risk for counselling on the need to keep themselves fit.
To establish the degree of obesity in the county for proper health response.
To create public awareness about the dangers of having uncontrolled bodyweight.


The obese screening activity shall be held on 2nd June at Arkadelphia School District, in Arkansas County.  The location will offer people from surrounding environment an easier access and it also offers huge space for holding huge numbers of people as well as parking for vehicles. The school also offers an open field for practice on physical exercise, which shall be done as part of promoting physical fitness. Persons who will participate in the event will be encouraged to take part in it, with prizes being given out to those who will win in various categories.


The cost of obese screening is as follows

Cost ($)


Food and drinks

Behavioral Therapist, dieticians, trainers, and other subordinates


Transportation cost


Public address system



The event will also be supported by volunteers, who will offer prizes, banners for the obesity awareness, and perform other supportive roles such as guiding the visitors. The participants will not be required to pay any fee for the sake of encouraging more people to attend.


The screening event offers an opportunity to step up the campaign against obese in Arkansas; the rates of this health challenge are very high and threaten the future of the community. Health belief model is the most appropriate approach to creating a society that is responsible for its health wellbeing. The screen will give the community an opportunity to learn more about the dangers of being obese and the value of keeping fit through regular exercising and using a healthy dietary. By gaining the knowledge, the society will realize the economic value of leading a healthy lifestyle.




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