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For this assignment, watch the following film and relate topics regarding conflict presented in the class to interactions between characters in the film:

  • The Blind Side: The true story of Michael Oher, a homeless African-American boy who is adopted by a wealthy white family, the Tuohys. Michael begins to realize his potential with the support of the Tuohys and when he discovers football … but will it all unravel? NOTE: This video is available to rent on Amazon for a small fee.

Download the Conflict in television and movies.docx Conflict in television and movies.docx – Alternative Formats document and follow the instructions provided. Even if you have seen the film before, it is highly recommended you re-watch it with an eye toward this assignment.

Click on the Session 5 Conflict in Television and Movies link to submit your assignment by the posted due date. Review the rubric available in Due Dates and Grades for specific grading criteria.

Conflict in Television and Movies


Watch the assigned film and answer the following questions. Type responses to the following questions and save as a new document entitled: Your Name–Conflict in Television and Movies (e.g. Bob Jones—Conflict in Television and Movies). Submit your completed assignment using the Session 5 assignment link in Blackboard.


1. How would you describe the overall communication climate between the main characters?

2. Give at least three examples of a confirming message between two characters and identify the type (recognition, acknowledgment, endorsement):

3. Give at least three examples of a disconfirming message between two characters and identify the type (impervious, interrupting, etc.):

4. Give examples of 2 types of defense-arousing messages based on Gibb’s Categories (evaluation, etc.) and identify the type:



5. List three of the main or side characters below and describe the main conflict styles (competing, collaborating, etc.) of each one:

6. Give examples of 3 types of direct aggression (character attacks, physical attacks, etc.) and identify the type:




7. Give one example of passive aggression and identify the category from page 389 in your text:

8. Name two characters and describe the Relational Conflict Style between them (complementary, symmetrical, etc.)? Would you consider this conflict style generally constructive or destructive for the characters?

9. Give an example of each of the destructive conflict patterns identified as “The Four Horsemen”:





10. List two characters and give an example of how they could have used collaborative problem solving to minimize destructive conflict for one of the problems they encountered:

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