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Week 2 Assignment Instructions

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Week 2 Assignment Instructions
Aligning IT Strategy to Organizational Vision and Goals

To complete this assignment, reread the course scenario involving Reynolds Tool & Die. Analyze the Reynolds Mission and Vision statements listed in the course scenario, and then write a 3-page analysis assessing the companys current IT strategy (including existing hardware, software, licensing agreements, etc.) and aligning each strategy component to Reynolds organizational vision and goals. The result will be a detailed analysis of how well the companys existing IT infrastructure is supporting the companys mission and vision.

Your headings for this assignment should include:

I. Business Vision and Goals

Outline the goals and vision for the business. (You will find them in the course scenario.) Remember that this is not a strategic plan, so your assessment wont need to address every single aspect of the companys vision and goals. Instead, youll be analyzing IT components in the context of the companys vision and goals.

II. IT Internal Analysis

You may want to review the assessment you produced in Week 1s assignment and expand on it here, in the Week 2 assignment. Be specific when analyzing hardware, software, licensing, and external services. For example, how old are the companys servers, switches, routers, desktops, etc.? Is the company current in terms of operating systems, security patches, etc.? What enterprise business applications are in use, such as accounting packages, CRM, ERP, etc.? Are they all current? Are their licenses current? What external services, if any, is the company using? Is the company using managed services, cloud computing, mobile technology, etc.?

III. How the IT Infrastructure and Organization Can Be Optimized to Achieve Business Goals

Explain how the IT function within Reynolds is achieving or can achieve, with changes you suggest, the stated goals of the business as described in the first heading. For example:

· If one of the companys goals was to rate high with customers consistently on customer service, you would explain how the current call center infrastructure could produce lower wait times, achieve 99.9% uptime, etc. Perhaps you would also explain how the addition of a mobile app could enhance the customer experience by enabling timely feedback, finding nearby retail shops, etc.

· If one of the companys goals was to grow revenue by 10% annually, you would explain how the current CRM or ERP software is helping to achieve that goal by helping to target new customers and achieve faster, better production.

Look at Amazons vision statement as an example: “Our vision is to be earths most customer-centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” Theres a lot of IT potential there. Now take the Reynolds Tool & Die vision statement and explain how the IT infrastructure and organization can help achieve the companys vision.

As you develop your analysis, remember that the current IT assessment may not support the goals and vision. You may have to suggest certain changes in the IT organization and infrastructure to achieve the organizations goals and vision.

Use at least one other reference in addition to the class textbook when writing this paper.

Copyright© 2021 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

Copyright© 2021 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

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