We can work on Climate change

Climate change is occurring as a result of warming of the earth’s atmosphere due to human activity generating excess amounts of greenhouse gases. Because of its potential impact on the hydrologic cycle and severe weather events, climate change is expected to have an enormous effect on human health, including on the burden and distribution of many infectious diseases. The infectious diseases that will be most affected by climate change include those that are spread by insect vectors and by contaminated water.
(Source: Shuman, E., M.D. (2010, March 25). Global climate change and infectious diseases. New England Journal of Medicine; 362, 12, 1061-1063. Retrieved from nejm.org at MIT Libraries.)

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  1. Paraphrase the paragraph. Explain the difference between paraphrase and summary .(2 Marks)
  2. What are the ways by which plagiarism can be avoided (1.5)
  3. Distinguish between technical report and long report. (1.5)
  4. Briefly explain the different components of research report. (2 Mar

Sample Solution

There are many importance of EKG but these are the main importance, diagnose irregularities in the heart, record changes in the heart, and establish baseline for other electrocardiogram. Diagnose irregularities in the heart means to provide what need to be done in the heart. It is important to know because there are different types of importance that need to be done in order to know the right heart record during the electrocardiogram testing. Some patient base on their history because a lot of their family’s having failure heart problem too. This means that they need more exercise and eat more good meals. “Arrhythmias may be seen on 12- leads ECG’s strips of one more leads”. This means that everything is required for the EKG test. It also improves the patient development because the doctor may tell the patient what is right or wrong. Condition Determined by EKG The condition determined by electrocardiogram are previous heart attack, Heart blocked, Enlarged heart muscle, Rhythm disturbances. It takes a few minutes to apply the EKG electrodes, and one minute to make the actual recording. The EKG is extremely safe and there is no risk involved. In rare cases, some people may develop skin irritation from the electrode adhesive, but no serious allergic reactions have been reported. The EKG can provide important information about the patient’s heart rhythm, a previous heart attack, increased thickness of heart muscle, and signs of decreased oxygen delivery to the heart, and problems with conduction of the electrical current from one portion of the heart to another. Most of the Electrocardiogram physician and basically the one who help other people that has complaining about slow heart beat, fast heart beat, irregular heart beat or any symptom that they may encountered whatever they doing. It is very important to see the physician right away for check up before the heart beat will become severe problem and this will cause them to death. Junctional Tachycardia Junctional Tachycardia is believed to be caused by enhanced automaticity and is commonly the result of digitalis toxicity (Shade & Wesley, 2005). Another cause includes >

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