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Simulation Discussion: China Delegation – China Delegation

Prepare your delegation’s response to the scenario in the module. Delegation assignments are also in the module. Each student should submit a statement of at least 300 words and respond to a classmate once. Students should refer to the text with a chapter and section description and to at least one relevant source from the module.

We are beginning a simulation this week of a conflict among China, Japan, and the United States over islands China and Japan dispute. You will find an information sheet in the module for April 21-May 3.

Students have been assigned to one of three delegations (China, Japan, United States).

In week one, ending in a discussion on April 26th, each delegation will have a separate discussion to map out its own strategy.

At the same time, the negotiation discussion for the simulation, due on May 3rd, which is for the whole class, is also open in case delegations want to begin preliminary negotiations.

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Okay so I am in China’s group. so we have to give some sources about the china. you can also use the info from the photos that im going to upload you.

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