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I. Define the follow Key Terms:
judicial review—
strict construction—
Answer the following Review Questions:
Describe the significance of Marbury v. Madison (1803).
Identify the significance of Martin v. Hunter’s Lessee (1816).
How long a Supreme Court appointment lasts and the justification behind this length of tenure.
Summarize how Supreme Court terms are structured and who is permitted to observe sessions.

affirmative action—
American Dream—
contextual discrimination—
disparate impact—
disparate treatment
due process –
due process of law—
equal protection of the law—
implicit bias—
incorporation doctrine—
Jim Crow laws—
procedural due process—
procedural justice—The idea of being treated fairly during a process or procedure. [p. 84]
racial profiling—
reverse discrimination—
substantive due process—
summary judgment—
unenumerated rights—
zones of privacy
Explain the significance of the Thirteenth Amendment.
Explain the significance of the Fourteenth Amendment.

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