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A professional journal and nursing or health care conference where to present the project

The findings of the evidence-based project can be presented in professional journals or nursing conference. An example of a professional journal that can be used for this purpose is the American Journal of Nursing. The project findings can also be presented in the nursing care conference.

Discuss why each of your choices is the best option for you to disseminate your new knowledge.

The American journal of nursing was selected since it is accessible to a large population of health care professionals. The AJN is a peer-reviewed journal published on a monthly basis. This implies that this journal contains up to date information of different health care issues. Most nurses prefer articles published in the AJN since besides being one of the oldest as well as largest circulating Nursing Journal in the world it contains popular articles addressing relevant, pressing and controversial professional issues (Pamela, 2014). The AJN provides a reliable and non-discriminatory platform on which to publish issues of high-level clinical relevance. The AJN has been recognized globally by health care professionals and scholar due to its commitment to promoting excellence in health care and nursing through the dissemination of peer-reviewed and evidence-based clinical information.

The Nursing Care Conference was also selected as a possible platform for presenting the findings of the EBP since it provides an opportunity for comprehensive discussions using problem-solving techniques to find out whether the proposed interventions are clinically relevant, viable and applicable. Moreover, the Nursing Care Conference brings together health care professionals from different specialties. This implies that discussions are based on evidence, knowledge, and experience of the professionals (Obregon, 2014).


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