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For this week’s discussion, do the following:

1) When examining Indicators of Development Progress, Waddock discusses the work of Hazel Henderson on page 282, noting her use of systems thinking to derive of measures education, employment, energy, environment, health, human rights, income, infrastructure, national security, public safety, recreation, and shelter (a summary one each of these measures is found here: https://hazelhenderson.com/2002/01/06/a-systems-approach-calvert-henderson-quality-of-life-indicators/ (Links to an external site.)). Read the summary of these metrics and find 2 news article/paper (ONE NEWS ARTICLE FOR EACH) that discusses a company that improves one or more of the aforementioned measures in the current world context.

2) Post 2 hyperlink to the news article/paper. (ONE HYPERLINK FOR EACH NEWS LETTER/ PAPER)

3) Write at approximately 250 words summarizing the article, analyzing it and explaining its findings to your classmates.(ONE DISCUSSION PER NEWS ARTICLE/PAPER)

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