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Assignment Content

Remember to use the same brick and mortar business or organization you selected in week one.

Choose one of the three critical events listed below that would affect communication within your selected Virtual Organization:

Leadership change, such as a change in the chief executive officer or superintendent, political change, or major changes in management department headsReorganization such as a merger or takeover; change in community or industry image or stature; gaining or losing accreditation; political change; or major employment changes such as outsourcing, layoffs, expansion, and foreign laborCrisis within an industryBusiness: ethical violations, technological malfunction, major financial lossSchools: change in stature, ethical violations, violence, major gang or drug incidentHealth care: wrongful death, medication error, ethics violationGovernment: mismanagement of funds, ethical violations, lack of response or preparedness, conflicting partiesNote. You must use your chosen critical event in all subsequent weekly assignments.

Write a 1,150- to 1,400-word paper.

Select a real world organization that is similar to your selected organization that encountered a similar crisis. Describe how the real-world company/organization managed its crisis.

Define each of the following concepts. Then explain how each would affect your organization ‘during a crisis.

Interpersonal communication ethicsPerceptions of powerCommunication during conflictIntercultural and diversity conflictCommunication climateIdentify and describe two communication theories that would be relevant to your organization during its crisis. Explain how each one ties-in to your organization.

Describe what communication strategies would be most effective to overcome the negative consequences of the crisis and turn the situation into a positive outcome.

Include a minimum six sources, of which four are academic sources. Consider using textbooks/resources that you have used in your degree program. Most textbooks are not academic sources because they are not peer-reviewed.

Format your assignment according to appropriate co

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