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PART TWO: Art Organization Case Study
The midterm assignment will require students to write a full case study of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This study will thoroughly explore the way The Met integrates technology and/or digital media into its programming.
You must visit the organization online (via its website, social media channels, etc)
to conduct observational research of its use of technology or digital media applications both
within the social, public space of the museum or gallery and online.

Your essay should be approximately 1,500 words and should:
Identify The Metropolitan Museum of Art and its points of digital or technical
Provide a detailed in-depth case study of one core piece of digital engagement (for
example, the museums online collection), detailing the projects scope, interactivity,
reach, audience, etc. You may wish to contact the museum and ask them to interview
the staff member in charge of the project, even by email.
Provide well-researched and observed critical analysis and argument for or against the
projects effectiveness. Questions might include: How does the project impact the visitor
or user experience? What could have been done better or differently? How does this
project dovetail or come into conflict with other digital experience at the institution either
physically (in the space) or virtually (online/on social media)? How does the project
impact or otherwise position the organization, both internally and externally? Is
technology present for its own sake, or is it functioning in a way that truly further some
fundamental aspect of the

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