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Research paper assignment sheet/ Climate change pros and cons!!!

This is the big one, the ten-page research paper. Dont panic, we will be working together every step of the way. This assignment has 3 parts. First, youll be handing in your research proposal, then your annotated bibliography, and finally the ten-page research paper. The good news is, youve already started working on the research and there will be days in class where we will do research together.

Research proposal The research proposal will be a 500-750 word document in which you outline what you hope to do with your research project. In a research proposal, you want to make sure youre doing a few specific things:
– Introduce your topic and why you think it is important
– Explore assumptions about the topic that you and others might have.
– Connect your topic to larger themes and issues in our culture/society
– Tell me how you plan on doing your research and what kind of sources you plan on using
– Tell me why this topic matters.
Remember that in this part of the assignment, you are not doing research. Instead, you are talking about how you will do that research. What might you need? What dont you know about the topic? What kind of sources (articles, videos, tik toks, tweets) do you plan on using?

Annotated Bibliography the annotated bibliography will be a collection of your sources cited in APA style with a summary of the source and what you find useful about it after each citation. Think of this part of the assignment as a way for you to organize and keep track of the sources youre using and why youre using them. It may be helpful to include quotes or ideas in your summary that you can easily extract and put into your paper.

Research paper The research paper will be ten pages and incorporate ten different sources. Your aim is to answer a research question. This does not mean you make the research fit whatever argument youre trying to make. Instead, you should be trying to let the research guide your writing. Like we talked about in the beginning of class, it is important to do research with an open mind and let the research inform your argument/point. The paper should be:
– Ten pages double spaced, 12 point font, in a font that is not horrific to my eyes. (no comic sans or script or you fail).
– Written in APA style. Both in-text citations and your references page should follow the rules of APA. If youre having trouble, consult the APA presentation that is posted on blackboard.

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