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Identify a topic you are interested in learning more about that is
related to BIOL 241, then find a scientific or medical research resource that
provides information on that topic. While you can use sources like news articles or
Wikipedia as background, your extra credit must describe a scientific/medical
research article or review. However you dont necessarily need to read the original
research paper itself: if you can find a suitable description of the research in a
scientific or medical source thats OK, but NOT A NEWSPAPER or other popular
press account. These often oversimplify the research and make grandiose
conclusions to earn clicks/readers. NOTE: If you are unsure if a source is usable,
get my approval of your first before you start working on it.
Your assignment is to write a response to the research that you read.
Your response must include the following:
1. What does the research that is being presented show (prove)? Summarize it.
2. Why is the research important?
3. What are the health implications? How might it affect your career as a health
4. Give your personal interpretation about the research findings. Are you
convinced by what they tell you? Or do you have another idea? Remember,
scientists and doctors are people too and they have agendas. One of the main
things they tend to do is overstate the importance of their research, e.g.
suggesting that the particular cell or molecule they study is responsible for
causing all kinds of disease or that it could be a panacea. Can you identify any
of this in the article you read?
The more you put into it, the more points you will get. For example, more points will
be given for relating personal experiences, bringing in other knowledge you have
or other research you do on the topic, or adding in-depth analysis about why you
do or do not agree with the main points of the article.

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