We can work on Anxiety Disorders

The diagnosis to give to the client involves psychotherapy may be chosen as the best diagnosis because it may help Muriel with emotional difficulties and mental illness. These will help eliminate and control problematic symptoms to make the victims reason better and increase their healing and well-being. The symptoms of irritability, restlessness, and sleep disturbances make psychotherapy the best diagnostic method to avert the situation of Muriel to ensure proper well-being. The frightening thoughts and strange dream experiences make anxiety disorders trigger an individual. The frequent worries and difficulty in solving some difficulties may worsen the situation and make the symptoms persist. The family history to the symptoms of anxiety disorders may make Muriel more affected (Stein & Sareen, 2015). The medication diagnostic that may be directed to individuals with such disorders is psychotherapy, which may help them change their perception if exposed to such anxiety symptoms. Sometimes an individual may be forced to use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs to withstand the symptoms caused by anxiety disorders. The painful and sad moments can be considered the major events that may lead to anxiety disorders.

The best treatment option for panic disorder may involve prescription medications, self-help techniques, and psychotherapy. These acts of treatment may reduce the intensity of panic disorders and some feelings of anxiety. Generalized Anxiety Disorders can be effectively treated through medication and psychotherapy. Sometimes cognitive-behavioral therapy or teachings skills may be embraced to help individuals control their worries. Specific phobia can be treated through exposure therapy to improve quality of life and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Social Anxiety Disorders may be treated through regular exercises to enhance physical activity on the victimisedAgoraphobia can be treated by therapy and lifestyle change by avoiding alcohol, exercising regularly, and eating healthy (Stein & Sareen, 2015). The Separation Anxiety Disorder may be treated through psychological counseling. Post-traumatic stress disorder can be treated through prolonged exposure therapy, stress inoculation training, and medication. Eventually, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can be treated through psychological therapy and medication by consuming antidepressant medicine, which will alter the balance of chemicals of the brain.


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