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This forum will be somewhat open-ended, though I would like you to focus on your responses to this week’s chapter, the documentary Guns, Germs, and Steel that you have been watching on-line, and other readings for this semester that connect to our topic. Select one or more of the questions below that resonates with you and share your response in a new discussion thread. Then, read through the responses from other students, and respond to at least two other students whose posts also resonate with you. Explain WHY their post stood out to you (go beyond simple statements such as “good post”, or “I agree”).

An aphorism from India states “The whole world is a family”. Share your thoughts about that quote, and how it relates to the this chapter and the themes of this course. How does this challenge your beliefs about race, ethnicity, and citizenship?
Respond to the documentary series Guns, Germs, and Steel. What surprised you? What challenged your thinking? Do you see your material world around you any differently?
How has the geography of the United States related to its relative power in the world? What has struck you about how our use of global resources is impacting our views of other countries and cultures, how we our managing the earth, and how we are affecting the lives of others in the globe?
Respond to any of the other videos I shared this week. What did you learn? How does it connect to what we are reading about this week? Do any solutions offered seem feasible to you?
Bringing together other reading material from the semester so far, discuss how your views about globalization and about others are starting to change. Describe your views from a few weeks ago to now. What assumptions, biases, or misconceptions are you needing to consider.


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