We can work on Amazon’s Supply Chain Strategy

The evolution of supply chain models and strategies of Amazon over time. Discuss how the changes in supply chain are related to the change in corporate strategies and market needs of the business, and the concrete operational steps involved in the restructuring process (e.g., in managing inventory and capacity). Evaluate the efficiency and responsiveness of the current supply chain structure, and provide recommendations for future growth.
Examine and identify any problems and challenges, and prescribe a solution for improvement. The focus of this is to thoroughly explain the source of the problem/challenge in terms of the industry characteristics and the current status of the company, and provide practical solutions.
The report is 11 pages (1 inch margins, 12 point font, double spaced), followed by supporting materials in an appendix. A cover page, appendix, and works cited do NOT count toward the minimum page requirement. 3 outside sources should be used in project. Use APA format for citations.

Sample Solution

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