We can work on 5 symptoms of schizophrenia

  1. Taquan hears voices talking outside of his bedroom door. He yells out at them, but there is no one there. When his family asked what he’s yelling about he says, “It’s shadow aliens.” He doesn’t like to be around other people and often sits on his bed and mutters nonsensically and uncontrollably while making peculiar faces at himself in the mirror. When asked about the faces he says, “The aliens have control from my brain.”
  2. Alice does not smile or frown. It does not matter whether she hears a joke or receives bad news. In fact, it seems as if she has no feelings. Sometimes she will sit or stand in the same position for hours and hours and hours without shifting or moving in the slightest.
  3. Thomas believes he is Jesus and so goes into the middle of downtown and stands on the town square and starts preaching out loud to the people passing by. He claims that he can cure the sick and help the disabled walk again. If he sees someone drinking he tells them they are going to hell and should come forward and ask for total forgiveness of their sins, which he alone can grant. He is unkempt, wearing multiple layers of clothes no matter the weather. When arrested for disturbing the peace, Thomas yells.
  4. Priya receives a lot of junk mail from various organizations asking her to donate money. She believes that the mail is from the IRS and that the government is trying to get information and money from her. She is afraid that co-workers have injected her with something to keep her from telling the government the company secrets.
  5. James has not showered or bathed in weeks. He cannot get himself organized to wash his clothes. When his brother tries to talk with James, he just stares blankly. When family and friends try to make small talk with James he nods and looks blankly. He seems only to want to sit out in the yard and smoke. When asked about his routine and daily habits James has no ability to explain how he spends his time. Sometimes when he does talk, his family cannot understand him. He seems to be speaking another language.

Sample Solution

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