Vitamin B3 custom essay.

1. Sources (Natural vs additive with amounts in 1 serving (mention what a serving is or amount per 100g or 100 ml. Mention only
10 foods Use consistent amounts)2
2. Create a 2000 Kcal diet containing high and low vitamin B3 composition. Provide total amount of micronutrient content in both
diets – 2 slides (Think about nutrient-nutrient
3. How does the following influence Vitamin B3 status, availability and/or metabolism, intakes
a. Race/ethnicity/Culture/Religion1
b. Gender, Age1
4. Less established roles (3 roles and mechanism)3
a. For eg: The established role of vitamin D in bone health, but there are reports suggesting that vit D may be beneficial for
neurological conditions.
b. Explain these new findings summarizing some important studies
c. Make sure you say why the proposed effect is observed.

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