unit plan 1 custom essay.

Describe how you can include teaching/student practice of character and Godly principles of Truth that will be appropriate in the public school classroom. Be sure to include the following elements in doing so:

Unit Information
• Subject
• Grade /Topic
• State and National Standards and/or Core Curriculum
• Character Education Goals

Instructional Goals
These are general, measurable goals of what you want the students to be able to know or do as a result of completing the unit.

Instructional Objectives
These are specific to daily lesson plans. They must be written so that you are able to observe and measure student learning.

Overview of the Learning Activities
These are learning activities that you have chosen to help students understand and practice what you want them to learn, such as: projects, posters, collages, reports, group work activities, lab activities, learning stations, etc.

Learning Style Allowances
Explain how the learning activities meet the needs of your visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc., learners. You should research the various types of learning styles and incorporate as many as possible in order to differentiate and meet student needs. Do not forget to take diversity into account. This should include your on level, below level, and above level students as well. You may also include some multiple intelligence activities.

Comprehensive List of Resources and Materials
Give a general listing of materials necessary to implement the unit and think creatively (e.g., websites, lab equipment, manipulatives, SMART Board capability, etc.).

Description of Cross-Curricular Activities
List some ways that you have incorporated integrated learning, for example: students are writing a research paper in science class (English and science integrated), or students are studying explorers in social science, creating a database of explorers in the computer lab, and singing sailing songs in music class (social science and technology and fine arts).

Overview of Formative and Summative Assessments
List any assessments you will use to evaluate student learning (e.g., worksheets, lab sheets, reports, group summary pages, projects, journals, quizzes, etc.). Ensure you have included both formative and summative assessments.

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