Understanding business writing Academic Essay

Three of the main forms of business writing that you may encounter in business writing are the following:

•    the business letter (Click the link to see information on how to format and structure your business letter.)

•    The memo

 (Click the link to see information on how to structure and format a memo. The Purdue Owl also has good information on memo structure and format.)

•    The Internal Report 

(Click the link for a good example of the internal report in memo format. Here is another excellent example of the internal report memo from Northern Kentucky University’s Matthew Ford.)

For video discussions and explanations of letters, memos and internal reports, click each link.

When you have completed your review of these forms of business writing, do the following:

1) Choose one of the sites that you reviewed.

2) In a paragraph of about 100 words, explain two or three key elements that the web site notes about a specific form of business writing (identify whether you are discussing letters, memos, or reports). It would be especially good if you noted something that surprised you or that you disagreed with based on your own career experience with the type of business writing you discuss.

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