The terrorism maritime custom essay.

I need you to write about the terrorism maritime and to examine the notion of the maritime terrorism by covering the following issues:

(1) distinction of the maritime terrorism from the piracy ( to examine the ‘private ends’ condition and see whether modern instruments that tackle terrorism exclude or include private
ends motivation);

(2) identification of the maritime zones where the terrorism could take place;

(3)consideration of the perspective targets of maritime terrorism. The outcome of the research will be an evaluation of the role of several international conventions over the regulation of maritime terrorism within the
world in addition to the consideration of the extent to which maritime terrorism has spread.
Task Description:
the references using AGLC (Australia Guide for Legal Citation)
The research paper should not exceed 6,000 words excluding footnotes. Material in excess of the word limit
will not be read.
You should aim to produce a research paper which is worthy of publication as a contribution to a law school journal. Consequently, the research paper should:
demonstrate an understanding of the legal issues raised by the topic;
demonstrate research which extends beyond textbooks and materials provided by the lecturer in class;
demonstrate an ability to relate pertinent material to the issues and to analyse the issues in light of that material;
demonstrate an ability to argue a point of view in a logical and coherent fashion supported by primary and secondary source material; and demonstrate a command of the English language and an ability to appropriately present and reference a dissertation which is commensurate with the standard expected for the publication of legal articles.

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