The team profile builds on the MBTI instrument custom essay.

The Team Profile builds on the MBTI instrument. Since members with different styles approach problems very differently, your job in this part of the assignment is to predict the impacts of your individual MBTI scores on your team dynamics. This should be a “group level” analysis, not simply a description of each person’s individual propensities. (In fact, do not dwell on the individual level except to report out the scores for the members.) For example, how will the combination of your various MBTI styles enhance or hamper the team’s ability to perform? (Note: This does not mean taking an “average” team score since this
is not a meaningful representation of anyone on the team.) Instead, what patterns might contribute to your overall strengths and how might your distribution of styles create potential difficulties for you as a team? You should also offer some suggestions for how you as a team can try to overcome these limitations. Be sure to address these issues AT A GROUP LEVEL, not an individual level (e.g., the right way: “Because we only have one Introvert on our team, we will need to make sure as a group to include her actively in our discussions.” Or, “Since we have a mix of Judging and Perceiving types on our team, we will need to resolve early on how we will deal with deadlines.”)
The questions below provide some guidance for you. You should discuss these questions as a team and then summarize your group conclusions. Your profile should address all the questions, but need not be limited to them, and not necessarily in this order. Feel free to discuss other relevant issues as well. Your answers should be grounded in the data from your team’s MBTI profile, i.e., when you make an assertion, be sure to explain how you reached that conclusion. For example, you might make the assertion that your team is likely to have trouble brainstorming since all but one of the team members are introverts.

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