The roots of modern Canada : first nations and French Canada custom essay.


The instructions given for this was as follows:
For this essay, you are asked to consider the nature of Canada’s identity and how it is expressed in contemporary
Canadian writings when applied to two of the three founding peoples of Canada (Aboriginal and French).
Answer the following:

Relate the social and economic conditions of First Nations and French Canadians under the governing control of English Canada in the first half of the 20th century. Can we relate this to contemporary demands of
First Nations for independent governance and control over land and resources and the rise of French Canadian
nationalism in Quebec after the Quiet revolution of the 1960’s?
The resources needed to be used are
1. Gabrielle Roy, The Tin Flute
2. Bev Sellars, They Call Me Number One
3. at least one either ,news paper article or online newspaper article, for each ethnic group (aboriginal and French
Canadian) dated between September 1, 2015 and January 26 2016.
5. one academic source (books or journal articles) dealing with a contemporary aboriginal issue in Canada and one academic source on contem

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