the role of the menstrual cycle with women athletes and their endurance; focusing more on the physical effects versus psychological custom essay

I choose to write about female endurance athletes at different ages and different performance levels (first year athlete,

athletes with 24
years of endurance training and 5 or more years of performance). This study could be broadened
internationally and can include endurance athletes in cycling, running, triathlons; though for variable reasons, it probably
makes sense to work with one sport at a time.
• Choose and comprehend a health issue using epidemiologic principles.
• Identify and describe how data collection would happen.
• Identify and describe the process of hypothesis creation
• Collaborate to produce coherent and productive hypotheses for testing.
• Inform your peers of the issue you and the group chose to write about and explained predictions with hypotheses.
Assignment (10 points); Presentation (5 points)
Worksheet Answers (10 points): There are so many different health issues that are important to us that we would like to
research further, but resources and reality are limiting, and we cannot perform the types of research we would like. In this
assignment, you will hypothetically create a study with the aim of developing hypotheses you would want to test in your
For shortanswer
questions, please do your best to answer all parts of the question, but also consider the length of your
answer and try to be brief. Be sure to check your work, and show evidence for your answers when necessary.
• Cover page
• The issue you chose and why it is important
• How you would collect data and who you would collect data from
• The options for hypotheses that the group explored, and why these were considered or not considered for your final study
• Conclusion and Lessons Learned
• References
Choose a health issue (e.g., hypertension, tuberculosis, worm diseases, breastfeeding, bullying, reoccurrence of cancer
cases) on which your group can agree.

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