The official recognition of Amazigh in Morroco Academic Essay

Topic: The official recognition of Amazigh in Morroco

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For your final paper, you will need to collect and analyze some language-data from a sociolinguistic
perspective. There is no restriction on the type of data, which means that your data could be any of
the following:
1 Oral data gathered by you from people living in Doha
2 Oral data available on the internet in both oral or written formats. This includes
Facebook, Twitter, and other similar social networking sites.
3 Written data from newspapers, books, magazines, etc.
4 Audio or audio-visual data gathered from internet websites, radio, TV stations etc.
Which data will be relevant for you depends on what “research question” you have. A research
question is the question that you are trying to find answers by conducting research. So the first step
is to think about a question that you would like to answer in your paper.
Multilingualism: Choose any of the following countries and discuss the issue of the status of
minority languages with a historical background on the political and cultural struggles that the
speakers of this language have launched over the years.

( Morocco and Amazigh )
Your final research output will be a research poster written in an academic language for a scholarly
audience. In your paper you must use at least 5 reliable scholarly sources in addition to
newspapers, websites, and magazines. You are free to have more sources if you want or the topic
requires. It goes without saying that your paper will follow either APA documentation style.
Plagiarized work will receive an F. Make sure that your poster has different sections such as
abstract, introduction, data and methods, analysis and results, conclusion, and references.

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