The empirical study custom essay.

After reading the study, you are asked to write a paper that is no more than three pages (excluding cover and reference page) that assesses the introduction, research question(s)/purpose of the study, review of the literature, theoretical framework, and the study design.
Use the following to help guide your discussion:
• Introduction
• Critically analyze the issue or problem presented. Is the problem clearly stated?
• Is the significance of the problem clearly presented? Provide rationale for your conclusion.
• Research Question(s)/Purpose of the Study
• Do the research questions imply a relationship between two or more variables? Explain your answer.
• Do the research questions clearly identify the population of interest?
• Review of the Literature (ROL)
• How is the ROL organized (chronologically, conceptually, alphabetically, etc.)?
• Are the relevant concepts and variables apparent within the ROL?
• Does the ROL establish what is known, and not known, about the problem being investigated in this study? Explain your
• Theoretical Framework
• Are the research questions presented within the context of a theoretical framework?
• Are the variables presented within the context of the theoretical framework?
• Is the theoretical framework appropriate given the stated purpose of the study? Provide rationale for your conclusions.
• Study Design
• Explain the design used in this study
• Is the study’s design appropriate for the research questions presented? Provide rationale for your conclusions.
• What are the strengths and limitations of the study’s design? Suggest strategies to address limitations of the design.
• Identify the level of evidence provided by this study

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