The distinctive Catholic approach to reading and interpreting the Bible custom essay.

Having read most of Daniel Harrington’s take on Catholics and their relationship with the Bible, you have a Jesuitical look at scripture. On pages 130-132, Fr. Harrington provides us with 25 statements that outline the distinctive Catholic approach to reading and interpreting the Bible. In this paper, choose the 10 that most resonate with you. Why did you choose these 10? Elaborate and expand upon Fr. Harrington’s summary. Make a strong argument why these should be the top ten. Additionally, choose 5 statements that carry less authority for you. Why don’t these statements resonate with you? Make sure you use proper citations when using material from the text. Also, format any scripture quotes properly.

The Papers should be typed, with a minimum of 5 pages and a maximum of 7 pages in length (does not include cover or reference pages), double-spaced, 12 point font size, Times New Roman Font, 1” margins, and free of grammatical and spelling errors. If you are using words directly from the site, make sure you use a proper citation. You may quote but it must follow APA or MLA formatting for citations.

The 10 that most resonate with me are: #1,2,5,8,9,12,17,19,22 and 23

Book: Harrington, D. (2005). How do Catholics read the Bible? Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, INC. ISBN: 978-0-7425-4871-8

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