The concept of “status groups” Academic Essay

Topic: The concept of “status groups”

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This essay includes a number of parts, and make sure ALL parts are answered. The essay must begin with a separate paragraph long abstract summarizing the argument made in the paper.

The concept of “status groups” has been employed by classical sociological theorists (Smith, Marx, Weber, Durkheim, De Beauvoir) in their attempts to make sense of the Division of Labor.
A. Introduce and describe this concept of status groups and pull from scholarly sources.
B. Explain how this concept might be used to explain a contemporary phenomenon (use concrete examples from historical events). “Contemporary phenomenon” can include any occurrence, pattern, event, or experience, and it needs to be analyzed.
C. Explain how this concept, which was produced in a different era, might need to be changed to be more applicable to contemporary life (what are its limitations and how might it be improved)

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