The company rents and sells movies online custom essay.

TASK 1: JOURNAL (5 marks) Prepare a journal that records your activities and progress related to completing this assignment. In date order, clearly list the following:

  • Date of research activity/discussion
  • Web sites visited to collect information; other references accessed
  • Time duration of the activity


Submit this journal as an appendix to Task 3. Any references to web pages and online documents,




(maximum150- 200 words per response)


2.1. What is the need for routers in his business? (Textbook: Chapter 2)

2.2. What does “stickiness” mean and how does he facilitate this characteristic in his website? (Textbook: Chapter 3)

2.3. How does he deal with the issue of “channel conflict” if he is selling his products both in retails stores and through this new website? (Textbook: Chapter 3)

2.4. He wants to incorporate a customer-based marketing strategy into the Web site designs. Explain why this is a challenge and outline things his company can do to overcome these difficulties. (Textbook: Chapter 4)

2.5. In what ways can the Internet and his new website help him reduce the spend of his company, particularly with regards his suppliers? (Textbook: Chapter 5)

2.6. What are the advantages of developing a social networking strategies for his company? (Textbook: Chapter 6)

2.7. What are some potential ethical issues that his company needs to address arising from his new online presence? (Textbook: Chapter 7)

2.8. What role can a web server play in making his web site more effective? (Textbook: Chapter 8)

2.9. Discuss the different hosting options there are for his website. (Textbook: Chapter 9)

2.10. How could cookies help him in his website? (Textbook: Chapter 10)

2.11. What role would an acquiring bank play on his website? (Textbook: Chapter 11)

2.12. What measures can he use to identify some of the potential benefits that he has been told by you that he will gain from conducting his business through the website you have developed for him? (Textbook: Chapter 12

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