Technology topic that interests you and holds several ethical implications as it affects society today custom essay.

You will create a project on a technology topic that interests you and holds several ethical implications as it affects society today, and frame your initial exploration based on readings and discussions from the first five class meetings. Example topics picked by  former students included hydrogen-powered
cars, cyber-bulling, surveillance, Ebola drugs, etc. You are welcome to draw upon
your own personal experiences or information available on the Internet for background information, but please note you’ll need to reference at least one course reading too. While it is not required, I hope you’ll consider this an opportunity to get out of your “comfort zone” and challenge yourself!
1 You can elect to author an essay with the following requirements:
i Length between 45
pages long and written in APA format, double-spaced, 12point font, with standard 1inch margins. For your convenience, I recommend using the Word template or the Google Doc template as your starting point.
ii Submissions are requested as Word document (.doc or .docx) or PDF file types – and please ensure the file is saved as [yourlastname][firstinitial]_Project1_[course number]_[section number]. For example, if I were
submitting a paper, it might be ChenB_Project1_CI4311_001.
iii Inclusion of a reference/works cited page—but these do not count in your 45
pages. Intext citations and a formal reference list in APA format are an important part of your paper and an ethical requirement.
iv Graphics are encouraged to better convey your understanding.
2 Develop a multimedia project that better demonstrates your thinking about the topic at hand i ii iii iv and/or adds to the viewer’s experience of your topic. However, this is a writing course, so keep that in mind as you consider the
These projects could take the form of a staged debate between two people, a video, original artwork, original music or others.
The project must be accompanied by a script, complete with citations, a reference list, and a reflection of your depth of understanding and thinking on the topic.
You may complete this project individually or as a group, but with a group you’ll need to accommodate the need for everyone to demonstrate their work.
You are encouraged to use graphics or mixed media – but be sure to cite the sources you draw from in appropriate APA style.
Regardless of format (paper or multimedia project), you will be required to:
1 Show how the peer review process was engaged, and how it informed the submitted project. 2 Be sure to draw at least two references total from our first five course readings/discussions in
meaningful ways.

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