Technology and communication Academic Essay



Identify the specific medium or media you would use to deliver each of the messages listed below.


Write 1- to 3-paragraphs for each message that describe and explain your choices.


Choose the most effective technology, medium, or combination of media for each of the following messages:

  • A message to the technical support about an employee’s computer that has been infected by a virus.
  • A message from HR to all employees, explaining the changes to the company health plan in the coming year.
  • A message from the CEO of a large company to employees, explaining negative news regarding the company appearing on national news channels.
  • A message from a gym manager to clients about temporarily closing the pool in the gym.
  • A message from a professional association to members about the coming annual conference.


Explain your answers. 




Post at least one post to address the chosen medium of communication.

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