Supply chain part 3 Academic Essay

Topic: Supply chain part 3
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Your answer to questions in PART 3 should be in the form of a business report with appropriate structure and layout and presentation using pictures, photos, tables, diagrams, graphs and references as required.
As this is a live consultant report, no introduction to the case or business is required, and no attempt should be made to contact the business direct. Answering the questions/addressing the assignment brief is fundamental and underpins all the other criteria. Application of ideas, theory, concept
Remember you can utilise your work from Part 1 and 2s and frameworks from the module is fundamental to the assessment.

All Students must answer these 2 questions ; (3,000 Words)
1) Develop an improvement strategy for MELROSE’s operational performance by contextualising, evaluating and justifying the performance dimension improvement priorities for MELROSE.
2) Develop a supplier management strategy for MELROSE and rationale for how this could impact the performance dimension priorities

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