supply chain management custom essay.


My topic: planning layout of plants
(double spaced, times new roman 12 point,
with 1 inch margins on the side) Details: Your group must first propose a topic you want to research to the instructor. Your group
must clearly provide a rationale of why you want to perform research on the specific topic and explain your motivation for
selection. You should also provide high level
description of the topic, and identify the key questions within the topic that the
group plans to investigate over the course of the semester. Your proposal should describe why the team believes the topics
important to supply chain management, and operations management in particular. Further, it should articulate a plan describing
how the group wants to perform research. For example, you may propose to use particular sources of information. The purpose
of this writeup
is to start structuring your conversation with the instructors you can start your research with a plan. It will enable
you to get the instructors input and approval on your high level plan. Good candidate topics can be issues you dealt with in
internships and other interest areas that you may have. Edit your content to the vital information so as to fit on one single space
page. Be accurate and concise in your writing. Example Starting Questions: Some example starting questions related to
forecasting could be: “What kind of forecasting methods are in use in the market place today?” You could then focus your
question further, to assess the different types of forecasting methods discuss the comparative evaluations of these methods. Do
secondary research on the prevalence of particular methods and the challenges that manager’s face in using the forecasting
method. You may also consider discussing how managers might also combine the different sets of forecasting methods to their
advantage. An important emphasis here is that a simple question can lead you to ask several deeper questions that allow you
to formulate coherent research.

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