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Purpose of this assignment

To enable learners to apply the business skills needed to design an eCommerce
solution for an organisation.
You are required to generate an eBusiness
plan for a business of your choice. The nature of business can be an Online
Portal, eLearning
System or an Online Property Search Website etc. You can suggest any new business idea that does not
exist at present.
Create a business case hence a “Plan”.
To achieve your goal you will need to develop the business plan after investigating the structure and aims of business
organisations, evaluating the impact of ebusiness
on business and consumers while examining the development of your
online business.
Task 1
Think of a business that can be implemented online;
a Travel company, a Flowersupplier,
You are free to
suggest any business of your choice. You will need to prepare for website design and hosting requirements, epayment,
business type and finance. You should ensure you address the business’ key internal function requirements such as
marketing, sales, administration and accounting. What MIS systems are needed and how such a business will meet the
requirements and objectives of the various stakeholders. You will need to evaluate the impact and risks attached to implementing such.

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