Strategies for teaching multiplication tables for students experiencing identified numeracy difficulties. Academic Essay

Topic: Strategies for teaching multiplication tables for students experiencing identified numeracy difficulties.

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Bath Spa Referencing style please.
Research Project
Tutor Notes:
Literature review 3000-4000 words
The theories and research around your subject. All background reading, wider perspective if possible (worldwide research) 12 – 15 sources of research. What others have already done, research journals, news, books, etc. Overview of multiplication tables and maths, why am I doing it, general discussion and support with other people’s research and review published work.
I believe multiplication tables underpins maths and for secondary students with SEN it gives them confidence. I have 4 female students in a withdrawal group as part of my research project with needs ranking 1 and 2. 1 with speech, language and communication difficulties, one with social emotional and mental health issues and two with specific learning difficulties. I am trying to show that knowing their times tables well helps with maths confidence. Most of my findings with this group have been little maths flexibility they know their 5 times tables then you give them 5 x 8 and they have said, “I don’t know my 8’s”. I have been using many strategies, mainly ideas from Steve Chinn.
I have been looking at Jo Boaler and Steve Chinn views.
A3. Educational research project – 80% (6000 words)
Submission date: 12th May 2016
Carry out research in your workplace which focuses on outcomes for children and present your findings in an investigative report. This research must demonstrate collaboration with your team and the wider setting and this will be evidenced by completing the evaluation form which will be signed by your line manager (appendix B).
As you work on your research project you should keep a research log (Appendix E), which is brief notes describing the process you go through. This log can be submitted within the appendices as part of the assignment.
A4. Tutor Observations and Line Manager/Mentor Appropriate Person Evaluation Pass/Fail
Please reflect upon observations, practice, discussions with tutor/mentor and document and keep a record of this.
Submission date: 12th May 2016
• Background Literature: This should give a survey of the relevant background literature showing what is already known about the topic. It will usually include reference to research journal articles as well as books. For this section, you will need to use your library research skills. The details of the literature survey should be as specific as possible to the question you are addressing. For example, if you are doing a study on Key Stage 1 children’s use of computers for word processing, you should try to find out literature on this age group and topic, rather than general material about ICT for the primary phase. The conclusion to this section should show why the question you are asking needs to be researched. Carefully cite references to all literature following the Harvard system.

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