Strategic Plan Research

Using your approved strategic plan from the Wk. 2 – Strategic Plan Research assignment, complete the following:

Create a 5- to 7- slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker notes and visuals on each slide, that will sell your identified improvements to the strategic plan, based on your Wk. 4 analysis.

Include the following:

  • Summarize the threats and challenges you have identified within the current strategic plan.
  • Determine how to execute the strategic initiatives in order to address the threats and challenges.
  • Explain proposed process improvements.
  • Assess whether additional resources are needed.
  • Describe how resources should be used in the application of the strategic plan.
  • Utilize KPIs to justify the financial investment and to measure the success of the proposed improvements to the strategic plan.
  • Justify your recommendations based on anticipated Return on Investment (ROI).


To bring joy and utility to the world. To rise to the top of the global mobile device market. In order to increase production while maintaining a high level of demand for the goods. Apple places a high value on all three targets. 

Apple has a competitive advantage because of its generic approach to wide differentiation. The company’s goal of technological leadership can be achieved through difference in product function as well as design. Apple Inc.’s business model is based on innovation.

Apple’s international income and growth are, unsurprisingly, fueled by the company’s marketing approach. Almost any corporation may achieve the same outcomes when introducing new products using the same strategies.

Positive and negative feedback is welcome on the Apple Support account. Recognition and swift action are two ways in which the company makes everyone feel valued. This encourages vital input and establishes long-term relationships with customers.

Apple Inc.’s strategic management procedures have significantly improved. As a result, the organization has been able to maintain a high level of productivity. Apple Inc. was able to create market-leading goods that allowed it to seize a significant share of the market.

Aside from product placement (usually with celebrities and popular shows), Apple relies on the enthusiasm generated by significant media assessments. You can utilize this strategy even if you don’t have access to Apple’s resources or money.

Assembled Obstacles external variables that have a significant impact on a company’s future success are referred to as “strategic challenges.” Future competitiveness with other manufacturers of similar items is frequently at the heart of these issues.

Inconsistency in project objectives, lack of cross-functional cooperation, lack of strategy alignment, lack of project coordination, inconsistency in program mission, insufficient program delivery infrastructure, and a lack of training are the issues at hand.

According to the study, corruption, a lack of consistency in government policies, and a lack of manpower and resources contribute to an implementation gap or an increase in the gap between declared policy objectives and implementation, respectively.

The implementation phase is often the most difficult part of strategic management because of a lack of clarity on the approach. Poorly specified implementation processes lead to uncertainty and misunderstanding, which makes it difficult or impossible to implement the plan correctly.

Sets out your company’s goals and explains why those goals are so important. Strategic planning also helps to find opportunities for performance improvement. “For example, it can provide your ideas on how to reorganize your business in order to maximize its potential.

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