Statement of Purpose: Occupational Therapist

Statement of Purpose: Occupational Therapist

As I reflect on my career path, being an occupational therapist has always been my dream job. The problems that people face within society, such as stress, anxiety, communication, diversity, and other mental health issues, made me develop an interest in this career path to provide the needed help. Some of the qualities I believe make me an ideal student to study Occupational Therapy include good personal management skills, the ability to solve challenges, the capacity to work with diverse groups, and outstanding interpersonal skills. My interest in caring for people involved in various occupational traumas and stresses started from a young age with my family members as everyone felt safe to confide their issues in me. My ambition and motivation, alongside my educational background, training, and real-life experiences, make me an ideal student to succeed in this course to become a practicing professional occupational therapist. In different real-life experiences and school, I have demonstrated an excellent ability to solve issues through understanding and level-headedness. As a person, I find it rewarding to assist people with life problems to enhance their quality of life. This is why I have a strong desire to seek further knowledge, skills, and techniques required to offer professional assistance to people to enhance their quality of life.

Through my study at the University of St. Austine for Occupational Therapy, I intend to expand my knowledge in stress management, communication skills, interpersonal skills, self-management, diversity, and other techniques needed to offer professional assistance to those suffering from mental health issues. From my research, I established that various techniques and skills can help improve the quality of life of those suffering from mental health issues and other lifestyle disorders. I believe that passing this course is my next step towards becoming an operational professional occupational therapist. Therefore, I am prepared to go through the

research and clinical processes, and scientific and theoretical modules, and apply prior real-life experiences and knowledge to develop the skills, techniques, and information required to graduate in this course. Through the comprehension of the physiological and psychological dimensions of the human body, I believe I will be able to offer professional assistance to prevent and treat disability by promoting body functionality to enhance the quality of life. I believe that everyone should enjoy the highest quality of life possible as long as they live. Therefore, in my daily routine, I keep my body and mind in shape to achieve a personal sense of well-being to enable me to focus on my studies and gain the most out of them.

The reputation, testimonies, and alumnus, together with the advertisements and opportunities offered by the University of St. Austine for Health Sciences are what attracted me to the institution. I believe the University has the capacity to provide the required knowledge, skills, and techniques to enable me to become an occupational therapist. Based on the University’s reputation for academic discipline, commitment, and honesty, I believe I can acquire a quality education to steer me to my dream job. I also believe the University has adequate resources to offer educational programs and activities to help me succeed in pursuing this course. Partnerships of the University with Alumni and other professional bodies of occupational therapists can enable the students to experience the practical dimensions of occupational therapy. Therefore, I hope to have an interactive educational experience within the University to expand my knowledge, skills, clinical experiences, professional strategies, principles, values, and techniques to enable me to offer professional help autonomously and effectively in all aspects of occupational therapy.

I am further hoping to enhance my skills in protecting vulnerable adults, first aid and diversity, and manual handling to expand my comprehension of challenges and techniques that

can solve them. Upon graduating from this course, I hope to have the capacity to offer professional assistance in care environments or healthcare centers to people to enable them to lead satisfying and functional life that enhances their quality of life. I believe that commitment, resolve, ingenuity, enthusiasm, common sense, and patience can make me a professional practicing occupational therapist. I intend to utilize the opportunity to expand my network and connections with other students through study groups and discussions to expand my knowledge, diversity, perspectives, and attitudes.

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