Server security custom essay.


Securing data is one of the critical tasks for an organization in managing its information systems and networks. When relaying sensitive information over a network, it is important to realize that everything is sent in plaintext over a network and the Internet. If encryption methods are not used to protect the information, it can be hacked. SSL provides a secure communication between the client and the server.

Discuss the following on the basis of your knowledge of server security:

What types of attacks can be prevented using SSL between the client and the server?
Do you believe an organization should enforce the implementation of SSL? Why or why not?
Do you believe all data within a network should be encrypted with the highest level encryption? Why or why not? Support your answers with appropriate examples and rationale.

Kerberos has similar features compared to SSL. However, both protocols have unique capabilities.

How does Kerberos differ from SSL?
In what three instances would you opt to use Kerberos over SSL? Why? Provide rationale to support your answer.

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