Self sacrifice custom essay.

Many of the world’s major and powerful cultures have not only permitted suicide but actually condoned acts of self sacrifice—
Ancient Egypt, Classic Rome, China for almost three thousand years, Japan from prehistory into the 20th century, and Moghul India are but a few examples. There might be cases in which it is more merciful to kill another than to let the person
suffer; can you think of any such case and share it with the class? Or discuss a case in which it is morally permissible to sacrifice oneself (that is, carry out the act of killing yourself) in order to save another person and/or many other people. On what basis have we the right, then, to say that suicide is wrong? Examine instances in which you believe that it is acceptable to kill oneself or to sacrifice oneself and then explain instances in which you think that it is not ethically permissible to do so.
Be sure to include reasons that support your claims

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