Search warrant draft custom essay.

You are Officer Jones. Using the following fact pattern, please:

1) Draft an application/affidavit for a search warrant, search warrant and return for any applicable place, person or motor

vehicle. For purposes of the exercise assume the application/affidavit will be presented to me, Judge Barry Moredock, Judge of
the District Court of Maryland for Chesapeake County.
2) Submit a 23 page paper answering the following questions and citing applicable case law to support your opinions.
a. Assuming Officer Jones only had the information set forth in paragraphs #1 through #4 below, would he have probable cause
for a the search warrant? Why or why not?
b. Assuming the warrant was signed by the Judge and it was later determined that probable cause was lacking, would the
evidence that was seized be suppressed by the court? Why or why not?
c. What, if any, issues do you see regarding the credibility of the informant?
d. Assuming Officer Jones now has the information set forth in paragraphs #1 through #5 below, would he have probable cause
for a the search warrant? Why or why not?
Fact Pattern
1. On 18 Sept 09, Officer Steve Jones received an anonymous tip that Mr. James Fox lived in a house at 120 Verlinden Drive
and is growing marijuana in the basement – at least 400 plants.
2. Officer Jones completed the 26 week Police Academy. During the academy, he had 40 hours of instruction specifically
related to identification, detection and manufacturing of controlled dangerous substances, including marijuana. He has been an
officer for over 20 years and has been assigned as an investigator in the Drug Enforcement Division for the last 15 years. Over
the last 15 years, he has received additional training with regard to controlled dangerous substances, including NIK Polytesting
System on narcotics identification; Counterdrug Training Center Basic Drug Identification Course; the “Top Gun” basic drug
investigators school hosted by the National Drug Training Center and the State Police; the Aerial Marijuana Observation course
hosted by the Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Division; and the MAGLOCLEN Drug Investigation Seminars in
2010, 2011 and 2012. He has made hundreds of arrests for controlled dangerous substances and has written numerous drugrelated
search and seizure warrants and participated in the execution of many, including those related to the manufacturing and
distribution of marijuana.
3. Officer Jones enlisted an informant to check out the house and try to buy some marijuana. The informant has no track record
working for the police but the prosecutor referred him to Jones because the informant wanted to help reduce a possible drug
distribution sentence.
4. The informant came back a few days later and told Jones that on 19 September he saw Fox and another man carry a carbon
dioxide tank and other equipment into the house and drag two laundry bags

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